IntPiPoMo 2019

IntPiPoMo 2019

IntPiPoMo 2019

IntPiPoMo 2019

IntPiPoMo 2019


IntPiPoMo 3/50

I’m so involved in WoW that I haven’t been back to GW2 in a while, but it’s still an awesome game that does a fine job of drawing me in.

IntPiPoMo 2/50

I don’t think there are many games out there that surpass how beautiful EuroTruck Sim 2 is.

IntPiPoMo 2019


I know I haven’t been keeping up, but I did sign up for IntPiPoMo this year, and I intend on making good. It’s a month of screenshots, something I take an insane number of. First up – EVE Online. One of my favourite games.

If you’re interested in reading more about IntPiPoMo, please check out Chestnut’s posts.

October Sales in Review

It’s the end of October and that means time to tally my totals on pivot tables to see where the money is coming from. I’ve earned almost a million gold in October alone – nice! So what were my big sellers?

Number one was my ‘misc’ category. I classify this as transmog, mounts, and any craft items that I don’t focus on (right now that includes ores, and hides). I made a grand total of 600,000 gold from that one category alone and couldn’t be more pleased.

Inscription did pretty well too, drawing in a total of 92,000 gold. Cooking brought in 67,000g, alchemy was 46,000g, tailoring 45,000g, and enchanting a wooping 111,000g – this doesn’t include any coin I earned from world quests, vendor sold items, or straight up coin that I farmed. It’s just sales.

At the end of week 6 I was sitting at 1,812,776 gold, having earned the most ever during that week, 357,057g.

It will be interesting to see how sales go now that the next expansion has been announced, the auction house changes in 8,3 and the level squash coming in Shadowlands.

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